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Kurt Stender has been defending the rights of clients in the Seattle - Tacoma area for over a decade.  Learn more about how he can help you.

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Kurt Stender has been protecting the rights of residences of the Seattle - Tacoma for well over a decade.   Come find out why Kurt the right person to have by your side.

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Have questions about what will happen?  I have answers.  Learn more about the process and how we are different in our personalized approach to serving you best.

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When you are facing a Seattle Tacoma criminal charge, no matter the severity, your freedom is on the line. You cannot afford to waste time, your best option is to retain an experienced Seattle Tacoma criminal attorney from the moment you are charged and long before you step foot in a courtroom.


Kurt Stender is the Seattle Tacoma criminal lawyer committed to providing exceptional legal aid and unparalleled client service. Communication, individualized attention, and first-rate legal knowledge are the keys to his success, and the pillars of his practice.

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