Domestic Violence

I used Kurt’s services during a very low period in my life. I went from no legal troubles whatsoever in 56 years, other than minor traffic infractions, to facing domestic violence and resisting arrest charges. He was calm, knowledgeable and non-judgmental. He gave me hope that I still had a future ahead of me. Best of all, he was able to work through the relationships he has established over the years in the Federal Way Municipal court to get me a suspended imposition of sentence and minimal probation terms.I have now completed my probation. All charges have been dropped and I feel like I have my life back for the first time in 18 months. If you want a competent attorney with reasonable rates (who will even help you manage the payment of fees), I’d highly recommend Kurt. I’m glad I found him.



Life can throw you a curve ball when you least expect it! It is not so much about who is right or who to blame, but to have the right Lawyer at the right time, and believes you and representing you by doing the best he can and at times go beyond to make sure you are in the best place possible. People make mistakes, but Mr. Stender understands that and will not judge or ridicule you. The first time I heard his voice on the phone, when I was taken to the Police station, I immediately went from being scared to death to that there was somebody looking out for me. Kurt was always prompt, professional and I could always ask him anything without ever getting the impression that it bothered him. And always had a smile during our conversations and court proceedings. He even understood my financial hardship, and put me on an affordable pay plan. At 7' tall, he reminds me of a big gentle giant, that will have your back! Thank You Kurt! I could not ask for better representation, and will recommend you to anybody!

Sincerely , G.F.

Domest Violence

After over a decade of mental and physical abuse by way of 'my other half', I found myself with a sudden retaliatory domestic violence telephone harassment charge against me. My ex had left me for another woman, which meant I was now the sole provider for our mutual child. While I struggled for months to find a job, I received the news that the automatic no-contact order involved in my charge would prevent me from working for virtually any employer in my field of work. I was completely devastated and didn't know where to turn. That is, until I hired Kurt.Kurt was nothing short of AMAZING! He is by far the most talented defense lawyer, with a calm demeanor, yet skillful persuasion. He took immediate action on my case, never once judged me for the situation I had found myself in, and implemented defense mechanisms I would never have even thought of. Kurt was able to get my no-contact order lifted, a next-to-impossible feat. Thanks to Kurt, I am now employable!