After over a decade of mental and physical abuse by way of ‘my other half’, I found myself with a sudden retaliatory domestic violence telephone harassment charge against me. My ex had left me for another woman, which meant I was now the sole provider for our mutual child. While I struggled for months to find a job, I received the news that the automatic no-contact order involved in my charge would prevent me from working for virtually any employer in my field of work. I was completely devastated and didn’t know where to turn. That is, until I hired Kurt.

Kurt was nothing short of AMAZING! He is by far the most talented defense lawyer, with a calm demeanor, yet skillful persuasion. He took immediate action on my case, never once judged me for the situation I had found myself in, and implemented defense mechanisms I would never have even thought of. Kurt was able to get my no-contact order lifted, a next-to-impossible feat. Thanks to Kurt, I am now employable!